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There are many times during the day where I rely on my mindfulness practice, whether it be sitting in traffic, bringing calm to a difficult moment, or deeply experiencing moments of pure peacefulness.

Do you find getting through the demands of an ordinary day to be challenging? Some days I am in the flow and some days I fall short of my best but a mindfulness practice allows me options in my mental/emotional toolbox.

We all know that long term health is reliant on good nutrition, being physically and mentally fit. Midfulness can work with your subconscious mind to change old habits and support the new ones.

A focused mindfulness practice has countless benefits like:

Becoming more relaxed
Lowering blood pressure
Repairing muscle tissue
Improve immune function
Reinforce and create better habits
Cultivates present moment awareness to help with making better choices in the moment

I certainly need more of that! Studies show that meditating for only 5-15 minutes a day can greatly improve your life overall. So do you have a few minutes a day to see if this will work for you?

Session 1:
Week 1: Why Meditate? Beginner's Mindfulness Breath Practice
Week 2: Setting Goals. Beautiful Body and Mind Meditation
Week 3: Mindful Eating Awareness
Week 4: Letting Go of Obstacles

Session 2:
Week 5: Beginners Sound Awareness Mindfulness Practice
Week 6: Ultimate Achievement Meditation
Week 8: Enjoying your Success
Week 8: Moving Forward with Confidence

Each class is 45 minutes, $20 to register for classes individually or $65 per session. Bring a cushion or something comfortable to sit on. Audio version coming soon.

Contact me for a Free Initial 30 min phone Consultation